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#19: Tuna, Bouchon Bakery

78 down. 23 to go. I opened my eyes, squinting heavily as my pupils adjusted to the blinding white light. I was laying flat on my back strapped to a long chair unable to move. In front of me sat … Continue reading

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#56: Bacon and Marmalade on Pumpernickel, Prune

77 down. 24 to go. She used to dress me up in girls’ clothes, and I looked good. Of course I did. Whether it’s transforming a three-year old boy into an adorable little girl, cooking a deliciously simple meal or … Continue reading

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#29: BLT, Frankies Spuntino

76 down. 25 to go. In Roaring Brook Elementary School, I was good friends with Dan Cohn. We’d BBQ at his family’s lake house. Play competitive games of whiffle ball, volleyball and football — his family typically won. We’d swim … Continue reading

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#88: Chicken Club, Cipriani Dolci

75 down. 26 to go. THE BAD NEWS. It’s one of the scariest things for a son to hear. “Everything is okay. But your mom is in the hospital.” Those first three words are essentially meaningless. I got the call … Continue reading

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#7: Scuttlebutt, Saltie

74 down. 27 to go. I know what you’re probably thinking. I promised at least a dozen people I’d get this sandwich with them. I’m sorry to you all, but I can’t wait around forever. I’ve got a bun in … Continue reading

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