#19: Tuna, Bouchon Bakery

78 down. 23 to go.

I opened my eyes, squinting heavily as my pupils adjusted to the blinding white light. I was laying flat on my back strapped to a long chair unable to move. In front of me sat a small tray of sharp metal objects glistening in the bright light. An angry woman wearing a mask was leaning over me. She’d pick up one of her sharp tools and scrape away at my mouth until she was bored, then switch to a more exciting one. Occasionally when she was feeling gracious, she’d let me spit out a mouth full of blood before continuing to torture me.

I was terrified but tried my best not to show it. When she knew I couldn’t take the pain anymore, she’d pause to interrogate me. “How often do you floss? HOW OFTEN DO YOU FLOSS?!” I did everything in my power not to answer.

The second I had the chance, I ran out of there leaving only my insurance information behind. I flung open the doors and was flooded by daylight. I was starving and my mouth dry. I felt like I hadn’t eaten in days and ran to the nearest sandwich shop.

It happened to be Bouchon Bakery located on the third floor of the Time Warner Center. I quickly ordered the tuna niscoise sandwich and kept moving.

As soon as I made it underground, I ripped open the paper bag and sunk my aching teeth into the moist sandwich. It was delicious — possibly the best tuna sandwich I’ve ever had. It contained just the right level of everything. It was very mayonnaisey, but not overly so. It was extremely salty, teetering on too much, but ended up being just the perfect amount. The fresh lettuce, radishes and red onion gave it a nice crunch, while the garlic aioli and sliced egg added some subtle flavors. And the bread was fresh and salty.

It might not be what Jack Bauer eats after being tortured for an hour, but it sure helped me feel better.

Bouchon Bakery | Time Warner Center, 3rd Floor

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2 Responses to #19: Tuna, Bouchon Bakery

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