#29: BLT, Frankies Spuntino

76 down. 25 to go.

In Roaring Brook Elementary School, I was good friends with Dan Cohn. We’d BBQ at his family’s lake house. Play competitive games of whiffle ball, volleyball and football — his family typically won. We’d swim in his pool and play Adventure Island and Sonic on Sega. I did better in the video game category.

At Robert E. Bell Middle School, I became good friends with Ryan Mcree. I mostly credit Jim Carrey movies, Calvin and Hobbes and NOFX. We once dressed in togas for a latin class skit, tore up each others exams in the middle of class, and wrote a book of comedic short stories called “Stories That Never Quite Made It” that we were confident would one day make it. Here’s one of them:

A man dove 13 feet into a pool. The pool was only 12 feet deep.
Download “Stories That Never Quite Made It” here >

By the time we got to high school, things changed. I grew a pony tail and painted flames on my car. And they played sports and got a lot of girls. We went our separate ways and formed new friendships. But we’ll always have that history to fall back on. Well, that and a sandwich.

I wasn’t surprised to get a call from DC and the Creeman one Friday night wanting in on The Quest. We made plans to meet up the next day at Frankies in the late afternoon. The funny thing about history is you pick up right where you left off. Sure, we haven’t seen each other in long time. We’re now married, having kids and have real finances to worry about. But deep down, we’re just a bunch of kids, sitting around munching on some sangys.

And this sangy is one you want to be munching on. You haven’t had a BLT until you’ve had one at Frankies. It will seriously change the way you think about this classic sandwich. The bacon is like nothing you’ve ever tasted. The thick chewy slabs of meat are so salty and rich in flavor. The mayo is generously lathered across the thin, crispy pieces of Sullivan Street Bakery ciabatta style bread. Lastly, the lettuce and tomato allow you to believe you’re ingesting something healthy into your body, but also add a nice freshness to each delicious bite. The roast beef sandwich with pepperoncini and red onion also makes for a nice snack!

This might have been the first sangy I’ve shared with these old friends in a long time, but I hope it’s not the last.

Frankies Spuntino | 457 Court Street, Brooklyn

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