#88: Chicken Club, Cipriani Dolci

75 down. 26 to go.


It’s one of the scariest things for a son to hear. “Everything is okay. But your mom is in the hospital.” Those first three words are essentially meaningless. I got the call from dad one afternoon while at work. Every imaginable scenario raced through my head. It was discovered that my mom had an aortic aneurism. It’s a swelling of the aorta that can possibly lead to heart surgery, or much more serious things if not monitored properly. Reading Wikipedia and WebMD only made things worse. I was extremely scared.


Everything was and will be okay. The aneurism at this point is relatively small and was discovered early enough to now be carefully monitored. There’s a very good chance that my mom won’t need surgery for a long time, if ever.

As I was told this, I felt relieved but still shaken up, and decided to leave work early to go to the hospital. My brother did the same. We met at Grand Central, though I was early, he was late, we missed our train, and I had about 25 minutes to kill. Now it just so happens, there’s a sandwich located at the Cipriani Dolce Restaurant in Grand Central. While others were dining on their overpriced Filet Mignon and $16 glasses of Pinot Grigio overlooking chaotic Grand Central, our dinner came in a styrofoam container and was consumed on a Metro North train.

The sandwich — a chicken club with too much mayo, mushy bread and soggy bacon — was fine. Clearly, not worth the money or the fact that you’re eating dinner in a train station. This would have been a different sandwich if “the bacon was crisp” or “the bread as well-toasted as a campfire marshmallow” as the description read. I can only assume eating at the restaurant instead of taking it to go improves the quality. Not that any of you were flocking to eat at Grand Central before reading this post, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

It was a frightening day, but I’m fortunate that this is the first time I’ve received a call like that. I’m relieved that the news I heard wasn’t worse and everything is going to be fine. And I’m always happy to knock another one of the list.

This one’s for you, Mom. We love you.

Cipriani Dolci
| Grand Central Station

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