#7: Scuttlebutt, Saltie

74 down. 27 to go.

I know what you’re probably thinking. I promised at least a dozen people I’d get this sandwich with them. I’m sorry to you all, but I can’t wait around forever. I’ve got a bun in the oven and the timer is ticking, which means I got some sandwich eating to do — and fast.

Saltie’s been on my list for some time now. I was intrigued to say the least. Intrigued by the name — Scuttlebutt. It sounds like an sandwich made from an aliens’ ass, when it’s actually just a vegetarian sandwich. This has me further baffled that a vegetarian sandwich made its way into the top ten.

Well, today was my day to test it out. I unlocked my bike for the first time since last winter, and pedaled up to Williamsburg. Note to self: leaving your bike outside all winter is an awful idea and you shouldn’t expect your bike to still work. Eventually, I made it.

I met my friend Mo outside the cute little Brooklyn sandwich shop. We eventually nabbed a couple of stools alongside the counter, where we sipped our iced coffees and waited for our Scuttlebutts to be ready.

Essentially a huge salad sandwich, the Scuttlebutt is held together by two remarkably sturdy slabs of focaccia laced with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. The inside is filled with a schmorgusbordu of pickled, salty things like mesclun greens, pickled vegis, hard boiled egg, huge clumps of feta cheese, radishes, olives, capers, pickles, and who knows what else. It’s then trenched with a delicious aioli salad dressing. The name Saltie is not just a clever name. If every vegetarian sandwich tasted this good, chickens and cows would be pumped.

Watch out Quest for 101. I’m running out of time and left with no choice but to attack you with full force.

Saltie | 378 Metropolitan Avenue and Havemeyer, Brooklyn

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