#26: Country Ham Biscuit, Egg

70 down. 31 to go.

gregcation [gregg·kay·shun]
1. a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for eating sandwiches and going to Phish shows.

We all need one every so often. Now just happened to be my time. The year was coming to an end, work was slow, and I needed a break. So I took off from work Thursday and Friday. I feel like I did nothing and everything at the same time.

The Phish show the night before was a rager. My buddy Frankey, taking a babycation, crashed at my place after the concert. Getting up was not so easy, but we eventually gathered our stuff, hopped on the G-train and headed up to Williamsburg for brunch. We were met at the restaurant by two other friends, Jiggles and Wassel. While this was Jiggles eighth sandwich on the Quest, Frankey and Wassel were both first timers.

Egg was unsurprisingly packed. The line was out the door and the waiting list spanned on to a second page. So we waited — and by waited I mean had a much needed bloody mary at the restaurant next door. Before long though, our table was ready and it was our turn to see what all the fuss was about.

What it was about was about the Country Ham Biscuit sandwich. It’s ironic that quite possibly the best dish at a restaurant called Egg, doesn’t have egg in it. Don’t ya think? The ingredients of sandwich came together beautifully, as the crumbly biscuit fell apart in my hands with each bite. It’s as if the salty, buttery biscuit was intentionally trying to get out of the way so I could taste the sweet, thinly sliced Kentucky ham. This was smothered in a rich Grafton Cheddar and a layer of sweet fig jam that helped lighten up and balance the deliciously dense sandwich.

It was an excellent start to what was shaping up to be an amazing day. A day that I would otherwise be sitting at my desk working, I got spend with great friends trekking aimlessly around the city enjoying life. Well, that and eating breakfast sandwiches and seeing Phish. Man, I wish everyday was a Gregcation.

Egg | 135 North 5th Street, Brooklyn

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