#39: Egg and Cheese, Prime Meats

65 down. 36 to go.

I was crazy. All throughout high school and most of college I didn’t eat eggs. At the time it made perfect sense. Eggs have a strange consistency, smell funny, and transform from liquid to solid, which is just weird.

Then, there was the night. It was just another college night. We traveled around from party to party, drinking copious amounts of beer throughout, and eventually got hungry and had to eat something. This was college as I knew it. So why was this night different from all other nights? On this night, as my friends and I stumbled over to the campus center to get some late night snacks, I was convinced to take a bite of a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. And my life was never the same again.

Fast forward nine years. My pops was coming into the city for brunch. He was all excited, and understandably so, because I told him we could get a Quest sandwich and could be on the blog. And I was excited to have him join The Quest…and to pay the bill. As my dad, Jamie (now tied in #5 on the leaderboard) and I walked up and down the street killing time before being seated, my dad asked, “So what type of sandwich are we getting?”

Casually, I replied “An egg and cheese sandwich.”

“But I don’t like eggs,” he said.

Ok, two things. First, the number of sandwiches remaining on The Quest is rapidly dwindling. Either take what you can get and be thankful that you were invited on this magical journey. Or do some leg work and pick a remaining sandwich that doesn’t have “egg” or is more appealing to your taste buds.

Second. Everything suddenly made sense. The Yagodas are stubborn, picky eaters. My brother Russ didn’t eat General Tso’s chicken until he was 17, and now that’s one of his many food-related nicknames. My dad never had that revolutionary night in college where he realized how good eggs are. Hopefully, this sandwich we were about to embark on would serve as that night.

And it did. The egg and cheese sandwich from Prime Meats was your typical breakfast sandwich made with local, all natural ingredients, and then given steroids. It’s served on a giant flaky, homemade buttermilk biscuit that melts in your mouth. The eggs are from Pennslyvania and the cheese from Vermont, and I can only assume the animals that produced both are extremely happy with how they’re being used. Then you have your choice of topping: I went bacon, my dad went sausage and Jamie had it straight up because she doesn’t dig on swine. You can’t go wrong, all variations were excellent. This sandwich was both hard to finish and hard not to finish.

It’s funny how our tastes change. Things that we hated when we were younger, end up being some of our favorites. And though our tastes may change, this concept doesn’t. No matter how old we get, we find new things not to like for no real reason other than pure stubbornness. Well, as my dad proved today, it’s never too late to try new foods and change your old habits. Perhaps anchovies, brusselsprouts or black licorice are the egg you’re missing out on?

Prime Meats | 465 Court Street and Luquer, Brooklyn

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One Response to #39: Egg and Cheese, Prime Meats

  1. mo says:

    ‘Bout time your dad joined the Quest! And what a perfect way. YAY!

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