#50: Super Heebster, Russ and Daughters

64 down. 37 to go.

This weekend was Yom Kippur. For those unfamiliar with the Jewish holiday, it’s a day spent with family, going to temple, fasting, getting in fights with other fasting, cranky family members, sleeping, watching Martin Scorsese’s documentary on George Harrison, and breaking the fast by eating triple what you normally would in one day. But really, it’s a time to reflect. It coincides with the Jewish new year, and also happened to fall on my one year anniversary.

Exactly one year ago today, perhaps the best day of my life, I married the most caring, beautiful girl in the entire world. It’s amazing how fast time flies and to think back on how much as happened in just one year.

Since then, my close friends Sean and Lisa had a beautiful baby girl, while my cousin Eliza and Rob, and friends Frankey and Katie, have a child on the way. My cousin Jeremy got married, and my best friend John got engaged. New York approved gay marriage and “don’t ask, don’t tell” was finally repealed. 33 Chilean miners were rescued after being trapped for 68 days. The United States killed Osama. Many passed away including Elizabeth Taylor, Leslie Nielsen, Macho Man Randy Savage, Amy Winehouse, Steve Jobs, and my Cousin Don in a horrible battle with leukemia. There were many protests, even more natural disasters, and horrible wars continued throughout the Middle East. I finished my thesis for grad school, was on the cover of The New York Times dining section drinking a beer, and had 41 sandwiches more on The Quest. Finally, we remembered when 10 years ago, two planes flew into the World Trade Center killing thousands, questioning our vulnerability and turning our worlds upside down.

But today, to celebrate my anniversary and the end to an amazing first year together, what better way to spend it than by knocking off a sandwich from the list. So, Jamie and I headed to Russ and Daughters, as if we didn’t have enough bagels and whitefish the day before for break fast.

Russ and Daughters is so old that Eve was one of the daughters. This place is so old, Jesus was their 100th customer! It’s so old, they were selling bagels and smoked fish when the Jews were still fleeing Egypt. In fact, when Moses parted the Red Sea, Russ and his daughters were catching herring at the time! Ok…I’m done.

The sandwich on the list is called the Super Heebster. It includes whitefish and baked salmon salad with horseradish dill cream cheese and wasabi flying fish roe on a bagel of your choice. Jamie went pumpernickel, I went poppy. Never in a million years would I have ordered this sandwich, but I’m glad I did. The flavors all worked nicely and were subtle enough that they didn’t overpower one another. And when you got a bite with all ingredients together, it was delicious. While the fish was the best you could ask for, the bagels left you with more to be desired. Next time back, I’d probably change it up and try out one of their many varieties of amazing looking lox. If you like this kind of stuff, and you know if you do, Russ and Daughters is the place to go.

Who knows what will happen in the next year? All we can do is be the best person we can be, hope for health, happiness and 37 more sandwiches. And let us say, amen.

This post is dedicated to my wife Jamie in honor an amazing first year together.

Russ and Daughters | 179 East Houston Street btwn Allen and Orchard

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