#45: Lamb Meatball Sliders, Locanda Verde

62 down. 39 to go.

Guess who’s back? Back again? Greggy’s back. Tell your friends.

It’s been over a month since my last conquest, easily the longest time-lapse between sandwiches. I apologize to my loyal readers. It has not been easy for me. The remaining sandwiches are becoming more and more remote, and with smaller, less convenient windows of availability. And between my full time work, in addition to new freelance projects, my time has become more limited. I know, excuses, excuses. Well, the good news is, I’m back baby, and I guarantee it will not happen again. I’m feeling more sandwich rejuvenated and Quest dedicated than ever before.

I’ve also spent this hiatus rethinking the goals of The Quest. While eating NYC’s 101 best sandwiches is a respectable and delicious goal, it’s certainly self serving. So I’ve decided to use The Quest for good. I’ve started a fundraising campaign through charity: water, the organization I currently work for. The money raised will help buy a drilling rig in northern Ethiopia that can drill over 80 wells a year, giving more than 40,000 people clean water. You can read more about it here >

So if you’ve been reading and enjoying The Quest, consider donating $20. Or if you have the means, feel free to donate more. If you don’t or can’t donate at all, that’s totally okay, too. Just know that every penny of your generous donations are helping people in need – people that walk long distances to collect dirty water that gives them life threatening illnesses – get clean drinking water. And if I can reach my goal of $5,000, a plaque with “THE QUEST FOR 101” will then be mounted to the rig as it continues to travel around Ethiopia drilling wells.

And I digress – back to the sandwiches. I met up with Dean-o-mac, now tied for the #1 spot on the leader board, after work in Tribeca. Locanda Verde was a little classy for us, especially considering Dean was still wearing his scrubs from work. They still welcomed us in as we saddled up at the bar and ordered a round of the Lamb Meatball Sliders. It had been so long since my last conquest that I forgot to charge my camera battery and had to plug it into the outlets in the restaurant’s bathroom. Classy, I know.

Then we were served: a row of four perfect sliders sat in front of us waiting to be devoured. Maybe I forgot what a top 101 sandwich tasted like. Perhaps I’ve become so accustomed to “regular” food that I didn’t remember how good a sandwich could really be. Well, the first bite quickly refreshed my memory. The meatball was moist and flavorful, covered by a melted goat’s milk cheese and a modest slice of pickle, and nestled between the softest, fluffiest bun. Bold statement, I might even say this was the best meatball sandwich on the list – just beating out The Meatball Shop and Terrior Tribeca.

Regardless, it was a delicious sandwich and it’s great to be back. Stay tuned for more action later this week. I can smell it.

Locanda Verde | 377 Greenwich Street and North Moore

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