#10: Porchetta Sandwich, Porchetta

60 down. 41 to go.

That’s right my friends. Today, I celebrated my 60th sandwich birthday. And what a way to ring in the new sandwich decade – a porchetta sandwich! Porchetta is still the most amazing thing I’ve ever tasted.

Jiggles, my oldest and best friend, spent his day off walking across town to bring me a Porchetta sandwich during my work day. No, you’re not having déjá vu. This is the second time he’s graciously taken time on his day off to do so. And I was 30 minutes late to meet him in Washington Square Park as I got sucked into a meeting right when I was supposed to leave. That’s a good friend right there. And now, he’s moved up to 5th on the leader board, pulling ahead of Mr. Cyr.

We each brought along a walking and eating companion. Jiggles showed up with Joshey who’s been a stranger to The Quest, though he was fortunate enough to share one of the sandwiches with me before I knew I was going on this epic journey known as The Quest. Now, that he has a kid and owns a restaurant I rarely get to see him, so it was a great surprise. And I was accompanied by my buddy and coworker, Mrs. Mo Scarpelli, who has not only joined me a number of these expeditions, but also helps me document them with her beautiful photos. It was a great day for a picnic in the park and an even better day for a sandwich party.

As mentioned early, there are two porchetta sandwiches on the list, and it’s hard not to compare them. While both were ridiculously amazing and I can’t wait to have either one again, there were subtle differences between the two. In my opinion, Di Palo’s porchetta (#23) was more flavorful. Not by much, but enough to notice the difference. The spices and herbs were a party in my mouth. It was my first time tasting the ecstasy that is porchetta so that could have played a role in it too. Lastly, it’s a fattier cut, which adds to the intense flavor.

The most noticeable difference in Porchetta’s porchetta sandwich is the burnt, crispy skin ends that add a huge crunchy contrast to the otherwise soft and juicy pork. Mo thought they were bones – I thought they were deliciousness. I can’t describe it any better than they do on their website:

“We offer up the sandwich with a little bit of everything, or pork three ways as Matt likes to say, fatty belly, crispy skin, lean loin and of course plenty of aromatics.”

If that doesn’t make even vegetarians drool, I don’t know what will. Porchetta also gets their pork from Niman ranch in California, where the pigs are raised humanely and hormone free. Unfortunately, I don’t think Di Palo’s pigs are as happy.

I, however, was extremely happy after both sandwiches. And I will be just as happy the next time I’m fortunate enough to try either of these bad boys again. If I could take one thing I learned one thing from The Quest, it’s that well-made porchetta is one of the best tasting things available on this planet. If you haven’t tried it yet, go get some!

Porchetta | 110 East 7th Street between 1st Avenue & Avenue A

Enjoying The Quest? Than I need your help and generosity. I’ve decided to use The Quest to help raise money to help the almost billion people without clean water. People less fortunate than us, that spend their days walking long distances to collect dirty water that gives them life threatening illnesses. I’m more than half way to my goal and your donation can make a difference. Please make a generous donation here >

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