#34: Porchetta Calabrese, Salumieria Rosi

55 down. 46 to go.

When it rains, it pours. Not only is it literally pouring every time I get a sandwich recently, but I’m also racking up a lot of sandwiches in a short period of time. While I only had three sandwiches in the entire month of June, I’ve already knocked off four in July and it’s not even half over.

But Greeeeeeeg, what about your heeeeealth? Oh, stop your whining. I’d like to clear up some of the rumors and common misconceptions going around. Yes, The Quest for 101 is not the healthiest of hobbies – I concur. But I haven’t gained any weight and I’m healthier than ever. I (try to) space out the sandwiches I eat and I’ve actually been getting a lot of exercise to counter-balance The Quest. I went to the gym yesterday, play baseball on the weekends, and bike to work everyday, in addition to most other places I need to go. I might even say that I’m in better shape than when I started The Quest. Well, at least the same.

Now that I got that out – on to the sandwich.

Ajay, #1 on the leader board, was teaching on the Upper West Side. Dean, #2 on the leader board, had a haircut on the Upper West Side. It only made sense to grab a sandwich on the Upper West Side. I biked up to the restaurant from work just in time to beat the downpour. There was already a half hour wait and the rain, seemingly eliminating any chance of sitting outside, didn’t help.

However, we were on a mission. While everyone else sitting outside quickly paid their bill and ran home, we waited for the rain to cease, pushed their tables together and crowded under the overhang. Before long, the three of us were sipping on wine and eating piles of meat with little recollection of it ever raining in the first place.

Finally, the Porchetta Calabrese made its way on to our table. While I’ve been dreaming about the last Porchetta I had ever since, this sandwich was quite different. Still delicious, the Porchetta was thinly sliced and served on toasted bread. Additionally, it was served with spicy, melted provolone and a peppery chile paste for an added kick. And though our waiter denied it, between reading it on their online menu and seeing green things on our sandwich, we’re pretty sure it included pickles as well.

Salumieria Rosi may not be as much of a sandwich joint as a small plate, high-end meat and cheese restaurant. However, whether it’s raining or not, it doesn’t get much better than sitting outside with some good friends, munching on this tasty sandwich, and living the highlife.

Salumeria Rosi | 283 Amsterdam between 73rd & 74th Street

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