#72: Fried Chicken Sandwich, Georgia’s Eastside BBQ

54 down. 47 to go.

I love the rain – it washes away memories off the sidewalks of life. It was Friday, and after a long week of work, it wasn’t the weather that was going to cheer me up. It was pouring outside and my umbrella was doing no good lazing on my couch at home. And I was doing no good without a sandwich. I had to take matters into my own hands.

First, I needed company. You may remember my friend, esteemed colleague and huge Quest advocate Shayna from the Reuben Adventures. Well, ever since I posted a leader board, she’s made it her life goal to see her caricatured face on there. And who can blame her? So when the possibility of a sandwich entered the night’s picture, she quickly jumped on board.

Dean-o-mac also wanted in. He’s no stranger to The Quest, having logged seven sandwiches with me and picking up at least another three on his own. The minute he heard a sandwich was on the menu for the evening, he left a happy hour with coworkers and hightailed from Brooklyn to the Lower Eastside.

Georgia’s Eastside BBQ is small. There’s maybe six red-checkered tables and a narrow bar area. They don’t even have a bathroom, but share one with the bar across the street. Whether that’s legal or not – I can’t be sure. But it certainly makes for an inconvenient dinner after you’ve had a couple of beers.

Fortunately, what Georgia’s Eastside BBQ lacked in toiletries, they made up with in cuisine (and $3 PBR’s). It was hard to resist ordering the mouth watering ribs and BBQ wings – which we did and they were all very tasty. In the end though, it was the Fried Chicken Sandwich, also recommend by our waitress as if I had a choice, that stood out from the rest. The batter was perfectly seasoned and extra crispy. The white meat chicken breast was thick and flavorful. All the other condiments – lettuce, tomato and melted American cheese on a sesame seed bun – worked well to compliment the chicken but not overshadow it’s delicious taste.

While it seemed like the plans for the rest of the night were up in the air, with the rain still coming down and Karaoke Boho two doors down, we were left with little choice. Joined by Christy, another buddy and coworker, and Mr. Cyr who you might recognize as #5 on the leader board, it was looking like an epic night. We ordered drinks, carefully choose our songs and eagerly waited for our names to appear on the giant TV screen. We waited, and waited, and waited. After waiting over an hour and a half, and still 11 songs from the top of the list, we decided to leave. However, one of us was fortunate enough to be called on stage:

“I’ve been everywhere,
Still I’m standin’ tall.
I’ve had a lot sandwiches,
Soon I’ll eat them all.
‘Cause I’m a cowboy,
On a steel horse I ride.
I’m wanted,
Dead or alive.”

Georgia’s Eastside BBQ | 192 Orchard Street between Houston & Stanton

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