#98: P.H.O. Real, Sunny & Annie Deli

53 down. 48 to go.

G’day mate!

We’d been planning this for awhile now. Me and my Aussie mate from work Paull wanted to go smash this sandwich from Sunny & Annie Deli. The 24-hour deli/bodega is located across from his apartment. Paull goes there a lot when he’s coming back from the pub with a wobbly boot on, but he’s never had the P.H.O. Real – the sandwich that made its way onto the list.

We left work midday, hopped on our bikes, and headed across town to meet up with two of Paull’s mates from the land down under on holiday in New York City. They seemed like good blokes, though I only understood one of every three words they said. They seemed a bit knackered from spending all their time at pubs. And they were headed to footy practice later that night.

I was shocked when I first saw Sunny & Annie Deli. Out of all the places I’ve been to on The Quest – 53 today – this place was the most unassuming. It was literally a bodega that I would have walked right by on any other day – but not today. We picked up our sangers and took them across the street to this really cool public garden with picnic tables and someone practicing Bob Marley on his guitar. Though it was as dry as a Dead dingo’s donger outside the trees offered us some shade for our picnic.

The P.H.O. Real was for real. It was a play on pho, a Vietnamese soup served with beef, rice noodles, basil, bean sprouts, etc. I’ve never actually had pho before, though now I desperately want to try it. The Aussies said the sandwich was spot on. It was served on a Kaiser Roll with roast beef, bean sprouts, basil, onion, cilantro, avocado, tomato, hoysin sauce, and sriracha chili. It was the perfect balance of texture, a nice contrast of sweet and spicy, and the bean sprouts and cilantro really help bring the sandwich to life. Plus, it was refreshing to finally have a sandwich served on a normal size roll, not a foot long hero.

The sandwich was great and we had a hunky dory afternoon. Hooroo!


Aussie: A person with a weird accent
Bloke: anyone or anything
Boozer: a place to drink a lot of beer
Dead dingo’s donger, as dry as a: hot and disgusting outside
Down Under: a magical place with kangaroos and koalas
Footy Practice: eating and drinking a lot in Little Italy
Fosters: Australian for shitty beer
G’Day: a term used by Americans to sound Australian
Honky Dory: a word you generally shouldn’t use, especially in television interviews
Hoooroo: until the next sandwich
Mate: a person you consume mass amounts of beer with
Paull: Australian for Paul
Sanger: sandwich, P.H.O. Real
Smash: eat something in less than five bites
Wobbly boot on: thinking you need to eat when you should just go to bed

Sunny and Annie Deli | 94 Ave B between 6th & 7th Street

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