#23: Porchetta, Di Palo’s Dairy

51 down. 50 to go.

I had been after Di Palo’s porchetta for weeks now. Two big failed attempts only made my mouth water more with each thought of eating this sandwich.

The first was before a Phish show. By the time I arrived at Di Palo’s to pick up the stuff, they were already sold out. I can only assume it would have been a whole different show had I made it there earlier. Phish certainly wouldn’t have encored with Show of Life – that’s for sure.

Then last Friday, my friend planned on picking up the sandwiches and bringing them to my office. By 1:30pm the porchetta, which takes more than four hours to make, still wasn’t ready and he had to be back in Brooklyn by 2:30. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

However, this week he pulled through. Big time. Thank you, Mr. Adler.

I’ve actually never had porchetta before today so it’s hard for me to say how Di Palo ranks. But this sandwich was phenomenal. I almost think it’s unfair to compare porchetta other “regular” sandwiches. The meat is so freaking flavorful as it’s perfectly roasted with tons of garlic, fresh herbs and a ton of salt. There’s no distractions – no need for lettuce, tomato, cheese or even condiments. Just a delicious piece of fresh bread and some of the most savory meat I’ve ever tasted. What more could I ask for from a sandwich?

And what more could I ask for from a best friend? My oldest and best friend, John “Jiggles” Adler, took time on his day off to pick up food for the two of us, walk through Chinatown and Soho, and have lunch with me. You’ve heard me say it before, but the best part about The Quest is the company that I share it with. Therefore, I’ve made a leader board – a ranking of the number of sandwiches I’ve had with friends. I hope it encourages other friends to join me on my Quest, and the leaders to continue sharing this journey with me. Some may think I’m taking this too far. I like to think of it as a little healthy, but mostly unhealthy, competition.


Oh, and I’m officially more than half way through The Quest. Give it up!

Di Palo’s Dairy | 200 Grand Street between Mulberry and Mott

Enjoying The Quest? Than I need your help and generosity. I’ve decided to use The Quest to help raise money to help the almost billion people without clean water. People less fortunate than us, that spend their days walking long distances to collect dirty water that gives them life threatening illnesses. I’m more than half way to my goal and your donation can make a difference. Please make a generous donation here >

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3 Responses to #23: Porchetta, Di Palo’s Dairy

  1. BORSE says:

    Ahahaha love the score board (esp. Ajay’s 5 o’clock shadow and Elia’s shades). Will you pleeeeeeease take me on a sandwich outing after the bar exam??

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