#68: Reuben Crusher, R.U.B. BBQ

46 down. 55 to go.

charity: water, meet The Quest. The Quest, meet charity: water. Today I had the pleasure of being joined by three of my fellow colleagues, while knocking another sandwich off the list. It was nice to share this magical experience with them and also give them a small glimpse of what my life is like outside of the office.

I am one of three people that work in the creative department which is isolated from the rest of the office. A wall separates us from the rest of the staff, and though I know they’re only 20 feet away, it feels like a whole other world. I typically eat lunch at my desk and rarely have the need to leave my seat, and as a result, I rarely interact with other staff members outside of my department.

The Quest was the perfect opportunity to hang out with people from work that I don’t spend much time with. So, I picked up a bag of Reuben Crushers from R.U.B., and my colleagues and I sat around the conference room table enjoying a delicious lunch together. I thought it would be nice to get some of their views and reactions.

Meet Josh. Josh works in Accounting, which basically means that unless I forgot to turn in a receipt, we have no reason to interact with each other for work purposes. And that’s just sad. He’s a great guy and I enjoyed talking with him over lunch. It turns out he’s a reuben expert and tough critic.

“The flavor was great. The pastrami was a bit tough and too chewy. The bbq sauce was excellent and spicy. Overall, a good sandwich, but not in the same league as Katz’s.”

– Josh Irving

Meet Shayna & Emily. These two wanted their picture taken together, hence they get grouped into the same section. While I do have the pleasure of working with Emily on a regular basis, it’s all business. Today during lunch, we had the opportunity to forget about potential grants and LOI’s, and focus on more important things. It turns out she lives right around the corner from R.U.B., so I learned about her favorite Chealsea eateries and drinkeries. She’s also a huge fan of The Quest, which is completely understandable.

“Eating the sandwich with you guys was the best part 🙂 It’s also cool to be part of the quest after stalking you on it…”

– Emily Matos

Shayna is relatively new at charity: water, but we instantly clicked. It turns out we both share the same alma mater — we’re both Conn College Camels. She’s been craving a Reuben for weeks now and today was her day. Not only does she satisfy her Reuben craving, but she makes an all-star appearance on The Quest.

“I’m a huge reuben fan and this one was sub par. The toppings were minimal and the meat was a little chewy and not very smoky. For a name like The Crusher, it only crushed my hopes.”

– Shayna Crowell

I agree with what everyone had to say. The sandwich was good but not mind blowing. And while some people take their reuben sandwiches more seriously than others, the Quest is supposed to be fun and not meant to be taken too seriously. In the end though, Emily hit the nail on the head. The company is what makes The Quest such a special experience. A sandwich never tastes as good if you don’t have good friends to share it with. And if it does, then it’s a great sandwich!
R.U.B. BBQ | 208 West 23rd Street between 7th & 8th Avenue
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2 Responses to #68: Reuben Crusher, R.U.B. BBQ

  1. Christy -feeling-left-out- Scazzero says:

    I can’t believe I’ve mistaken our rare interaction for an invested friendship.

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