#44: Tete de Cochon, Resto

44 down. 57 to go.

What a great week for the Yagoda brothers! Rusty just accepted a great new job located just steps away from the infamous Shake Shack. And I finally presented my thesis yesterday on sustainable seafood at Pratt and I rocked it. You can read all about it here. Oh, and we killed Osama! (I think)

There was only one way to celebrate these collective victories – with a sandwich. But not just any sandwich. It had to be a special one. While clearly all 101 sandwiches made the list because of some unique reason, there are some that stand out as more desirable, more popular, and yes, more adventurous than others. I’ve had a variety of sandwiches in my day, but today marks a first. My brother and I sat outside on a beautiful spring evening, sipping our crisp beers, enjoying pleasant conversation, and snacking on a pig’s head sandwich.

Though that might sound gross to some, specifically my kosher in-laws (sorry!), it was awesome. The thick slabs of toasted bread turned out to be airy, light, and even a little sweet, almost challah like. Instead of overpowering the sandwich, it was a delicious complement. The slaw made of pickled veggies and jalapeno sour cream gave the sandwich a nice, subtle heat and balance. And lastly, the pig head was salty, flavorful and a great mixture of texture. Of all the parts of the pig I had that evening, the head was definitely the best. You can tell Resto is passionate about their meat, and after eating their, I can understand why.

Oink, oink, babe.

Resto | 111 East 29th St and Park Avenue

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