#90: Harissa Honey Roasted Chicken Breast, the Smile

43 down. 58 to go.

I’m not really sure why I did it. This year, I kept Passover. Except for beer of course. But if God didn’t want us to drink beer for a week, she wouldn’t have created beer. Plus, beer takes like three weeks to brew, so it’s not like timing was really a question for the Israelites. And if beer was an option, they probably would have waited it out.

For those who don’t know what Passover is, it’s a Jewish holiday that tells the story of the Israelites escaping the bonds of slavery in Egypt. And because they didn’t plan ahead and leave enough time for dough to rise, we can’t eat bread for a week. Instead we eat matzah, which is actually pretty tasty…when you’re fleeing Egypt. Not so much when you work next to a pizzeria. Anyway, between Passover and all the work I have going on with my thesis, you’ve probably noticed but I’ve been a little quiet recently.

Not to fear, my avid readers. Things are about to change and big time. My thesis is over in less than a week, the weather turning beautiful outside, the birds are starting to sing, the bees are starting to chirp. I’m officially declaring this summer…(cue “School’s out for the Summer”)…THE SUMMER OF SANDWICHES. Essentially what this means is, you just went from wondering whether I’m even still doing The Quest to wondering, “Wow, I wonder how much weight Greg has gained?”

Again, I digress. I apologize. Basically, I haven’t had a sandwich in awhile and was craving one big time. The Smile was the closest one to work left on the list. This place was a great discovery. I don’t know what it is but, I love places that you need to walk downstairs to get to.

Though I’ve been eating matzah sandwiches for the past week, this one was a quick reminder why I sincerely love The Quest. Very rarely does a grilled chicken sandwich knock your socks off. I happen to wear sandals today (yeah boy!), but if I had been wearing socks, they would have been knocked off. What a dumb expression. Anyway, every ingredient on the sandwich was bright, fresh and tasty. I loved the sweetness of the peppers and the creaminess of the manchango cheese, but there were two things that I enjoyed more. The bread was perfect – crunchy, yet soft. And that lemon mayo was the ideal spring/summer time condiment. It elevated that sandwich to a whole other level. If I knew more about food, I might even call it innovative.

It feels great to be eating bread again. And it feels even better to be back on The Quest. I hope to see you all again real soon.

the Smile | 26 Bond Street between Lafayette & Bowery

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One Response to #90: Harissa Honey Roasted Chicken Breast, the Smile

  1. pappas says:

    hahh…. “If I knew more about food, I might even call it innovative”… If I knew more about blogging, I might even call that funny.

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