#65: Saltimbocca, Keste

41 down. 60 to go.

Man, have I been looking forward to my next sandwich. I wanted to space it out a bit because of my previous back to back fatty’s, but 12 days was finally my breaking point. It’s also been a rough week because the sustainable seafood event that I’ve been working hard to plan was postponed until April 12. If you’re free, you should totally come!

I had my eye on Keste for awhile now because it’s literally a five minute walk from my office and I still hadn’t eaten there. The company my brother works for gives their employees a day where they can work at a charity or non-profit as a way of making the company feel better about themselves. So it was great having Rusty work at the charity: water office for the day. Between my 12-day hiatus and my brother coming to my office, it was an excellent opportunity to knock one off the list.

It’s good when eating at an Italian restaurant to have an actual Italian there. Besides the people working there, I mean. Elena was that person, educating myself and Rusty on the differences between an American and Italian sandwich. You see, in America, a sandwich involves piling as much crap as humanly possibly between two pieces of bread. Apparently if you read my last post, this is the same in Mexico. An Italian sandwich, or panino, focuses on few, high quality ingredients.

The saltimbocca is a classic Italian dish meaning “jumps in the mouth”. While I would have been more impressed if the sandwich actually jumped in my mouth rather than having to pick it up myself, once it touched my mouth it was hard to put down. The panino consisted, not stuffed full of, prosciutto di Parma and fresh mozzarella both sandwiched between deliciously folded pizza crust and drizzled with olive oil. With such few ingredients, each and every one was forced to be top notch and work well together. And they did.

It’s good to be back on the Quest and reminded of the delicious sandwiches NYC has to offer! Now that my event is postponed, hopefully I’ll have some time to cross a couple more off the list in the next few weeks.

Oh and happy birthday, mama! This ones for you.

Keste | 271 Bleeker Street and Morton

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