#62: Torta Cubana, Ricos Tacos

40 down. 61 to go.

Warning: this post is not for the faint-hearted.

Tonight, I was defeated. Ricos Tacos declared the victor. For the first time on The Quest for 101, I could not finish my sandwich. RICOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!

In high school my brother invented the C.L.A.R.B.O.M. It stands for: Cutlet, Lettuce, American Cheese, Ranch Dressing, Bacon, Fried Onions, and last but not least, Mozzarella Sticks. As far as I know it was only tested once, and this lethal combination should never be replicated. Well, the Torta Cubana is the Mexican version of the C.L.A.R.B.O.M.

You name it, this sandwich had it. Encased between a traditional roll included Mexican cheese (queso oaxaca), sour cream, chili peppers, avocado, scrambled eggs, chorizo, a hot dog, lettuce, tomato and things I’m most likely forgetting or couldn’t identify. It was evil. The sandwich was (not)surprisingly delicious. That many and those specific ingredients on a sandwich should not actually work. It’s a fact. Yet, somehow this meat lover’s sandwich pulled it off. Half way through I was forced to surrender. Though I must say, that first half was enjoyable in the worst way possible.

I don’t think in my right mind I could recommend this sandwich anyone. Mostly because there’s no point in eating a sandwich like that — it’s too much. I’m still full five hours later. However, Ricos Tacos is legit and worth the trip out to Sunset Park for some tasty Mexican food.

I am happy to put this one behind me. I need to take a break.

P.S. Thank god I went for a run today.

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