#69: Chicken Katsu Sandwich, Tebaya

38 down. 63 to go.

What?!? Listen, we all knew this was going to happen when I signed up for The Quest. There were going to be some dirty ones — some unhealthy sandwiches along the way. And as long as I don’t go overboard and space out those bad boys, it’s okay. In general, I eat very well. If I’m planning on eating something unhealthy later in the week, I can watch what I eat in the beginning of the week. It’s that easy. Essentially, salad is like my body’s version of carbon credits.

Also, and I wasn’t going to bring this up, but I’ve had a really, really stressful week. I stumbled upon another blogger doing something similar to me. Not identical, but similar. He’s taken down almost as many sandwiches as I have, and he’s even pretty funny. He’s not as attractive as I am, but that’s neither here nor there. So if I’ve been acting weird, you now understand why. Anyway, I knew I had continue The Quest and this sandwich happened to be the perfect fit.


1. I was going to have to eat it at some point anyway.
2. I was picking something up right around the corner from this sandwich shop.
3. I only had one other sandwich while my wife was in Liberia (not Libya) for a week.
4. I had a salad for lunch — no croutons.
5. I’ve been working really, really hard.
6. It’s only chicken, how bad for you can it be?
7. Sandwich #69!
8. There are other sandwich blogs out there…and they’re gaining on me.
9. I’m 30 and can do whatever I want.
10. At least it wasn’t this one.

Convinced? Anyway, the sandwich was really tasty. I’m glad I was there alone because that was one messy monster. I don’t know the last time or if I’ve ever had a chicken cutlet like that. It was deep fried, but I could still taste the tender chicken. Just like a Big Mac would be nothing without its special sauce, the Katsu’s would be nothing without its miso sauce which gives it that nice Japanese flair. And what would be a sandwich without cole slaw? The slaw balanced out the texture and flavor of the chicken, and also turns that sweet bun into a sponge. In conclusion, I’m very happy to have tried this sandwich and my body’s very happy to not have to try it again.

Note: I read some online reviews about Tebaya being the perfect the lunch spot. This is NOT a lunch spot. You should not be eating this stuff on a regular basis.

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