#9: Meatball Sandwich, Terroir Tribeca

37 down. 64 to go.

Liberia has a fascinating history. It was founded and colonized by freed American slaves making it the only other country in sub-Saharan African, along with Ethiopia, without European roots. In the last 30 years, it has been faced with two violent civil wars that ended in 2004 with the forced resignation of President Charles Taylor only because of a women organized peace movement, called Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace. What does this have to do with sandwiches you may ask? Well, my wife, Jamie, is currently in Liberia (not to be confused with Libya) making the world a better place and I dedicate this sandwich to her — only this version of the sandwich is made without veal because she doesn’t eat that.

It’s always funny when you walk into a place and realize, “Oh! I’ve been here before. I used your bathroom and bumped into a random kid from high school.” That was my initial reaction as I walked into Terroir Tribeca. I staked out a table and before long was surrounded by my brother Rusty, and good friends Ajay and Dean. We ordered food and beers, anxiously waited for them both to come, and then sat around sharing our thoughts about The Quest, sandwiches, politics, video games, women and life. I felt like the four kids in Stand By Me, only instead of sitting around a campfire, we were in a posh Tribecan wine bar. And instead of on a quest to find a dead body, we were on a quest for sandwiches.

Ajay didn’t like the ambiance of the restaurant. Rusty thought the sandwich was too small. Dean wanted melted cheese on top. In the end, I had to take a step back and think back to what The Quest was really about. It’s not about picking apart each and every detail of the sandwich, place and people sitting next to us. It’s an opportunity to visit new restaurants, new places in the city, try new foods and share these experiences with my friends. Was the sandwich too small? Did it deserve to be #9? Do I have any idea how to pronounce the name of this restaurant? Do I wish the beers weren’t $7? Maybe. However, the meatball sandwich was delicious. One bite of that sandwich could contend with any other meatball sandwich. The bread was fresh and crunchy and meatballs were heavily flavored with ricotta and parmigiana. In fact, everything we tried there was tasty. So, I am happy to have tried this place. Will I be back? I don’t know. For now I have 64 more sandwiches to eat.

Lastly, yes. The Patriot is around the corner. That doesn’t mean you have to go afterward, but if you do, proceed with caution. That place does strange things to people.

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3 Responses to #9: Meatball Sandwich, Terroir Tribeca

  1. mo says:

    If by strange you mean awesome.


  2. greg yagoda says:

    You’re right, Mo. I take it back. It does strange and awesome things to people.

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