#51: Egg Toast, Blue Ribbon Bakery

36 down. 65 to go.

I hadn’t been sick in more than three years. For awhile I thought I might be a god – a god, maybe not the God. But after everyone in my office caught a cold (and came to work anyway) and a weekend upstate in the freezing cold weather (with the same sick people from work) I knew it wasn’t long before I shared their same fate. I went to bed last night with an itchy throat, stuffy nose and the feeling that the next morning would not be pretty. I woke up this morning and it was true. After more than three years of immunity, I was finally sick. And only one thing had the cure: a sandwich.

I actually wanted soup, the perfect winter time cold medicine, but once I entered the tiny eatery I knew I was hopeless against the sandwich powers from above. I was fortunate enough to kill two birds with one stone at Blue Ribbon Bakery. A small tomato soup and Egg Toast sandwich were the perfect combination.

It baffles my mind how they can make such simple ingredients taste so good. On top of a slab of perfectly toasted white bread lay a thin layer of olive oil mayo, a creamy hard boiled egg and spicy pickled peppers with a shower of salt and pepper. And that’s it. Why it costs $5.50? I don’t know, but if you make a sandwich taste that good, I’ll happily give you $5.50. The pickled peppers were clearly what make this sandwich stand out from others. I don’t even like hard boiled eggs that much, but I know what I’m making for breakfast Saturday morning, and it rhymes with Egg Toast.

While I still feel like crap, if it means I can use it as an excuse to eat a sandwich, I’ll be sick any time.

Photos by my good friend and esteemed colleague Mo Scarpelli.

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One Response to #51: Egg Toast, Blue Ribbon Bakery

  1. mo says:

    S’rously. SO delicious.

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