#92: Pulled Pork Sandwich, Dickson’s Farmstand Meats

33 down. 68 to go.

Today is my 30th birthday. I’ve never really been one who stresses about their age. In fact, I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I don’t care about getting older. I embrace my birthday in a way that most others don’t. However, this year things changed. Rather than feeling typically apathetic about this next year, I found myself pondering many of life’s questions. How satisfied was I at my current stage in life while passing this gigantic milestone? Maybe this is what some call “maturing.” If so, where does the Quest for 101 fit in?

Only one way to find out. As the clock struck twelve, I stood up from my desk at work for the first time that day. With my hat and scarf in hand, my esteemed colleague Mo and I left work, hopped on the 1 train and headed to the Chelsea Market to meet my friends, Elena and Elia, for a birthday sandwich.

Almost everything in Chelsea Market is loud, quality and screaming for attention. Therefore, it’s almost easy to walk past modest Dickson’s Farmstand without noticing its presence. You would be missing out though. Not only does this butcher shop sell a wide variety of meats that look ridiculous tasting, they also make a mean Pulled Pork sandwich. The Berkshire Pork is so fresh and juicy that I wouldn’t be surprised if the pigs were raised in the Meatpacking district. They’re actually raised humanely less than 200 miles from the city, which is still pretty close. The doughy sesame-seed bun travels all the way from across the hall at Amy’s Bread and does an excellent job of soaking up the sauce. On top of the pork is a pile of crunchy slaw, doused in vinegar and chiles. Together, these special ingredients create a sandwich you will need a fork to eat, but one that you certainly won’t forget.

As I sat there eating my sandwich, vinegar dripping down my hands and face, I came to a realization. No one asks you if you’re prepared to turn 30. Ready or not, you have no choice to but to charge into this new decade head first. So if people are at different stages in their life, that’s okay. Each day, you just keep trying to be the best person you can be and thankful for all that you have.

Turning 30 doesn’t mean I have to forgo all forms of immaturity. The Quest for 101 is just a simple reminder that we’re all human and need to have some fun from time to time.

Wow. All this from a sandwich blog?

Dickson’s Farmstand Meats | 75 Ninth Avenue & 15th Street

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One Response to #92: Pulled Pork Sandwich, Dickson’s Farmstand Meats

  1. Elise says:

    Maybe it’s because it’s 7am on a Saturday and I’m awake.
    Maybe it’s because I haven’t dusted my apartment in a while.
    Maybe it’s because I’m eating a tasteless bowl of fibrous cereal while looking at a picture of that seemingly delicious sandwich.
    Maybe it’s because I missed your 30th birthday celebration.
    Maybe it’s because I’m going to turn 30 soon, too.
    Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen you in forever.

    Whatever it is, reading this post brought tears to my eyes. Loved it. Love you.

    Happy birthday, Greggy.

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