#78: Chicken Sandwich, Chic-fil-A

28 down. 73 to go.

This was definitely a low point in The Quest for 101, and possibly my life.

I was already skeptical that in the sandwich capital of the world, NYC, Chic-fil-A made the cut. I’d never actually been to Chic-fil-A before, mostly because it’s never presented itself to me. Or maybe I’ve been more comfortable stopping at Wendy’s or Subway. But I had to have this sandwich one of these days, and today was that day.

The only Chic-fil-A in NYC is located in an NYU foodcourt. So there I was, on a warm November night. A 30 year old man, on a quest to eat 101 sandwiches, sitting with a bunch of loud, annoying, carefree freshman from NYU, downing a soggy Chic-fil-A chicken sandwich, cold waffle fries and a flat pepsi. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Now, while my Chic-fil-A experience was pretty awful, I did taste the potential. Had that chicken been crispy, that bun been fluffy, and those pickles crunchy, I could see out in the distance a winning sandwich. Had it looked liked like image above instead of a 95 year old grandma version, I would have bit into that sandwich confidently. Unfortunately, my friends, that was not the case.

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2 Responses to #78: Chicken Sandwich, Chic-fil-A

  1. mo says:

    Greg. You’re a genius.

    And a good writer to boot 🙂 I love following your quest! I will be there to shoot Salty for you, that’s a promise.

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