#97: Chacarero Completo, Barros Luco

27 down. 74 to go.

Stringbeans on a sandwich?!? My mom would be so proud!

I roll in with Rusty and Dean-o-mac, and we’re hungry. Well, we came to the right place. If you’re ever concerned about a restaurant skimping on your sandwich, at Barros Luco, you can rest assured. There’s nothing skimpy about this sandwich. The sandwich was packed and stacked with sliced steak, string beans, cheese, tomatoes, peppers and avocado. I would recommend pouring that green sauce they give you on the side, all over that thing.

And every sandwich should be made on this toasted, but light and fluffy, sweet bread. I’ve never wanted to go to Chile so bad in my life.

I would also highly recommend getting some empanadas before your meal. And going across the street to Top Tunes Karaoke after it. Steven Tyler said it best, “Life’s a journey not a destination. And I just can’t tell just what tomorrow brings.” Hopefully, another sandwich.

Unfortunately, someone didn’t try the Chacarero Complete because this place is now CLOSED.

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