#99: Sesame Pancake With Beef, Vanessa’s Dumplings

25 down. 76 to go.

Crap. I did it again. I’m getting a little obsessed with The Quest and I think I need a break. I had every intention of running a couple of errands after work and heading home to cook a nice healthy dinner. I had to return two ties that I bought for the wedding at Bloomies on 59th street and one at Nordstroms on 14th street. Somewhere in between, my stomach started turning, my mind started racing, and the desire for a sandwich overpowered all other intentions.

I knew Vanessa’s Dumplings was on 14th street & 3rd avenue – a convenient stop after Nordstroms. I also thought from seeing the photo of the sandwich online and the fact that it only cost $2.99, it was a small sandwich – a measly snack before dinner. The only thing that was small was my appetite and the need to eat something afterward.

The sandwich was definitely tasty. I felt like it could have been a little more flavorful, but perhaps that’s what all the hot sauces and condiments were for. The pancake or the “bread” of the sandwich was delicious – warm, light and fluffy. Plus, the crunch of the cucumber inside gave the sandwich a nice contrast in texture.

Honestly, I spent most of my time there feeling guilty about the fact that I was having yet another unnecessary sandwich when I should be home, not spending money and eating something on the healthier side. Though not guilty enough to finish the entire sandwich.

Alas, I did order the wrong sandwich. I mixed my meats and ordered pork instead of beef. I’m an idiot. Don’t worry – I will be back and with a much stronger appetite.

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