#4: Pâté Thit Nguôi, Ba Xuyen

26 down. 75 to go.

It was Halloween. I was seeing Phish in Atlantic City. And I knocked off a top ten sandwich. Today was a good day.

My boys, Ajay and Cyr, and I were heading down to AC for what was clearly a great day. Cyr picked us up in the Cyr Mobile. Planning ahead, I had sent an email out earlier in the week with some prospective sandwich choices. Since we had access to a car, the options were limitless and we had the opportunity to travel someplace on the outskirts of town. We drove out to Borough Park for Bánh mí’s.

From the outside, Ba Xuyen was nothing to write home about. In fact, if I was passed it walking down the street, I would have thought to myself “Who the hell would ever eat in there?”

Inside, different story. Place was legit. Definitely one of the better bánh mí’s I’ve had. The $3.75 sandwich made Subway’s footlong look bite size. The bread was extremely fresh and crunchy. The sauce was sweet with a little hint of spice. Plus all the radishes, carrots, and cucumbers give it really nice texture. And if only cilantro was a cologne…

Everything was extremely fresh and it was definitely worth the trip. In some ways it was more memorable than the Phish concert, but I also hadn’t been drinking for five hours when I inhaled the sandwich.

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