#15: Duke’s Churasco, Island’s Burgers and Shakes

24 down. 77 to go.

I want to meet the Duke, congratulate him on a well made sandwich and steal his recipe.

I was meeting my brother, Rusty, and his girlfriend/exgirlfriend/girlfriend Rachel for dinner before a My Morning Jacket show at Terminal 5. From now on, whenever I’m headed to a show at Terminal 5, I’m headed to Island’s Burgers and Shakes first. Worst name for a restaurant, best variety of sandwiches. They have more than 50 sandwiches, all of which were tempting to order. AND, you can get each of the 50 different sandwiches as a hamburger or a “churasco” – which I think just means blackened chicken.

Now, I got the Duke’s Churasco, and he’s a spicy son of a bitch. Each bite was tastier and hotter than the next, but with enough beer to wash it down, I conquered this beast. This particular open-faced sandwich, the blackened chicken is covered with melted Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, jalapeños, and placed gently on a thick, fluffy piece of sour dough bread. I had to throw some ketchup on to take the heat index down a few degrees.

I was tasting those jalapeños all throughout the entire concert. Both the sandwich and My Morning Jacket were great. I would definitely recommend Island’s as they have something for everyone. I know I will be going back again and again and again to experiment with their extensive list.

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