#94: Telera Sandwich, Mangia

21 down. 80 to go.

I try to bring lunch to work as often as possible to save money. When I do buy lunch, I don’t go far. There’s a place in the lobby of my building that makes good soup. Today, was different though. I traveled four subways stops and two avenues to Mangia. It’s a big lunch cafĂ© where you can find anything and everything, only here, it’s really good. I was only there for one reason, though. The Telera Sandwich.

Overall, the sandwich was good, but nothing to email home about. The bread really dominated the sandwich, which in this case, wasn’t necessary a bad thing. It tasted like a really, REALLY good croissant – very soft and sweet. However, that was all I could really taste. There wasn’t much substance inside. It could have used a lot more of everything, more chicken, more avocado, more tomato and especially more chipotle aioli. And maybe even some lettuce or onion or chips to give the sandwich a little crunch. The whole sandwich had the same mushy consistency.

If it wasn’t $9 and more than 30 blocks from where I work, I could see myself getting this for lunch every once in awhile, but for now I won’t go rushing back.

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