#37: Eggplant Parmigiana, Catene Italian Deli

16 down. 85 to go.

Why is it on days when you’re trying to leave work as early as possible, you end up staying later than you wanted? “Greg can you do this before you leave? Greg can you do that?” PEOPLE. I understand that we have an organization to run, but don’t you know Phish is playing tonight?!?

That’s right. Phish. Jones Beach. Tonight. I couldn’t focus on work. I could barely focus on the prospect of getting a sandwich before the show. I knew I wouldn’t have to time to pick something up. However, my esteemed colleague, Ajay, did. So as I ran from the subway, already 20 minutes late to meet my friends at the car to head out to show, I was thrilled to see a large brown bag in Ajay’s hands. Inside, was an enormous eggplant parmigiana sandwich with my name and melted mozzarella all over it.

This beast was definitely too big for one sitting. I had 1/3 in the car, a 1/3 in the lot and a 1/3 after the show. While none of these were hot when I ate them, the portion after the show might have been might favorite. Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed with any of them. I’ve had some pretty good eggplant parms in my day. This one was soggy, mushy and didn’t really stand out in any way. To be fair, I may need to get this one again because I feel like I didn’t give it justice. If this sandwich was anything like the Fluffhead opener (which I called), I would have been begging for more, but unfortunately it was more like the Show of Life encore that left me unsatisfied. Til next time…

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