#55: Picante Sandwich, Despaña

13 down. 88 to go.

This is the type of place you walk into and immediately know no matter what you order, it will be good. Every product this Spanish gourmet shop sells and serves is top notch. There’s no messing around. I spent the first ten minutes in that store just starring at all the delicious looking meats, cheeses, and assorted other ingredients. Well, that and to milk them for as many samples as they would afford me. I almost forgot what I came in there for, but after the people working there kept giving me strange looks as I walked around in circles, I quickly remembered.

The Picante sandwich was muy fantastico! You could tell that each and every ingredient on the sandwich was carefully selected. I’ve never heard anyone say “Oh, this chorizo is awful!” By definition, chorizo is amazing, and this case was no exception. The spiciness of the chorizo and the Basque peppers gave the sandwich a nice little kick. And a delicious soft cows milk cheese (Mahon) was there to balance it all out. Lastly, the bread was ideal for a sandwich with few ingredients. The bread relatively flat, crispy and fresh, and really highlighted what was inside. It’s great and refreshing being in a shop or restaurant where you know you can do no wrong. I can’t wait to be back for me.

Despana | 408 Broome Street and Lafayette

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