#21: Chicken Parm, Torrisi Italian Specialties

12 down. 89 to go.

My sandwich work radius was starting to get larger and larger. I generally worked through lunch taking as little of a break as possible. Now, places that initially were out of range for a work lunch, seemed feasible. I no longer minded lengthy walks and long lunches if it meant a sandwich in the end.

So I left work midday and headed across town to Torrisi. It took me about 25 minutes to walk there – a little longer then I expected. I also didn’t anticipate other people with the same lunch destination as myself. The place was packed with people waiting for their chicken or eggplant parm sandwich. So, I waited as well. By the time I placed my order and it was ready was an additional 35 minutes. I made it about five minutes back across town before I had to pull over the nearest stoop and bite it. I couldn’t unwrap the warm tinfoil with homemade mozzarella cheese stuck to the inside fast enough. All the memories of walking and waiting were long gone as only the sensation that mattered was that taste of the delicious chicken parm as it pulsated through body. Bold statement: it might be the best chicken parm sandwich I’ve ever had.

It’s not the quantity you’re going for at this establishment. Compared to most chick parm sandwiches, it’s quite small. The sandwich comes on a circular, soft, sweet Italian bun. The thick, white meat chicken patty is fried to perfection, but not overly breaded or oily. It’s then covered it tasty red sauce, a few pieces of fresh basil, and melted mozzarella, a combination that is possibly to die for.

I floated back into work over an hour and a half later still perplexed as to how such simple ingredients could have such a profound affect on me. Regardless, I can’t wait until the day that I walk for an hour and wait for another thirty minutes to enjoy that sandwich again.

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