#35: Pork Meatball Hero, Meatball Shop

11 down. 90 to go

Yes. I’m an asshole.

I was supposed to meet my fiance and her mom to look at wedding invitations and completely forgot. Work just overwhelmed my day. A new meeting popped up each time one ended to point where I couldn’t leave the office. And even to the point where I forgot to let them know I couldn’t make it. Her mom took a two hour train ride into the city to meet us. This time Jamie had a reason to yell at me as I walked from the west side to the east with my phone six inches from my ear.

I needed a sandwich. Bad. Fortunately, I was meeting up with Dean-o-mac at the Meatball Shop. True to its name, the Meatball Shop specializes in meatball subs. Dean-o managed to grab some seats at this crowded established and once we deciphered the confusing menu, we tucked in our bibs and got dirty.

We ordered a deep assortment of sliders, including the vegetarian one which, surprisingly enough, was not the best choice. After all was said and done, The Quest led us in the right direction. The spicy pork meatball slider, with the spicy meat sauce, topped with melted provolone on a crispy, yet spicy-meat-sauce soaked bun, stood high above the rest. So high, in fact, we had to order another two.

While it’s hard to resist stuffing yourself to the point where even drinking is difficult, it is imperative that you save room for dessert. If ice cream sandwiches we included on The Quest for 101, these would definitely make the list.

P.S. I don’t know if it was my glow from the meatball subs or the fact that I was sitting next to Dean-o, but for the first time in my life, I got hit on. After our meal, two attractive women walked over, threw their arms around us and asked us what was good on the menu. Refraining from saying the first thing that came to my mind, we made small talk, recommended the spicy pork meatball slider, politely offered them our seats, and went to sing karaoke for the next three hours.

The Meatball Shop | 84 Stanton Street and Allen Street

Enjoying The Quest? Than I need your help and generosity. I’ve decided to use The Quest to help raise money to help the almost billion people without clean water. People less fortunate than us, that spend their days walking long distances to collect dirty water that gives them life threatening illnesses. I’m more than half way to my goal and your donation can make a difference. Please make a generous donation here >

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