#76: Falafel, Taim

9 down. 92 to go.

Yes, there are cheaper falafel sandwiches out there. You can go to nearby Mamouns and for $2.50 get a pretty damn good sandwich. You will, however, be missing out on what an excellent falafel actually tastes like when you make it using only the best ingredients and a large side of TLC.

Taim is now my go to lunch spot when I don’t bring lunch to work. Each sandwich is fried to order which explains the ten minute wait. But you have the option to choose between three different types of falafel, all of which are great and subtly different. I generally get the Harissa falafel which is midly spicy because that’s how I roll. Each sandwich is stuffed and topped with fresh and crunchy Israeli salad, tahini, hummus and don’t forget the hot sauce. The ingredients are all organic and top end. Even with the overflow of condiments pouring out of the warm pita, you can still taste the well spiced falafel.

There is something great about spending $2.50 for lunch, but I’d rather throw in an extra couple of bucks to get an extra good sandwich. Taim means tasty in Hebrew and that ain’t no lie.

Taim | 222 Waverly Place and 7th Avenue

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