#83: Ham and Cheese, Char #4

8 down. 93 to go.

I never thought I would hear those magic words.

“Honey, let’s go to Char No. 4 for dinner.” Done and done. It hasn’t been easy convincing fiance to suuport me in The Quest for 101. In fact, I think she hates the idea more than Sunday football. Especially with our wedding coming up in October, the last thing she wants is me traversing around New York City in search of fattening sandwiches. Well, clearly she didn’t know what she was getting into when she suggested Char No. 4, and I was okay with that.

When I first sat down, I was pissed. Why do I do this to myself? Why do I tie myself down to the Ham & Cheese sandwich when there’s Smoked Brisket with Beer Cheese or Chopped Pork with Barbecue Sauce? Alas, I was left with no choice.

The sandwich was great. A gourmet ham and cheese served on crispy pressed bread with house-cured pork, jalapeños for some heat and cheddar to top it off (which I could’ve used another couple of slices of).  Smother that in some smokey, habanero sauce and you got yourself a sandwich. Plus, I side of awesome home-made, crispy potato chips. Finally. 101 Sandwiches and this is one of the few that serve chips on the side. How am I supposed to eat all these sandwiches without chips? Thank you, Char No. 4. And even my fiance was pleased!

Char No. 4 | 196 Smith Street, Brooklyn

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