#8: Romeo, Alidoro

7 down. 94 to go.

This was my first real adventure – my first sandwich that I didn’t have before the list came out. And it’s a top ten. I was thrilled to say the least. Alidoro was only a few blocks from where I work. I had read rumors of the long lines and nasty staff before going. I had even tried to go on a few occasions but the line out the door was discouraging or work was too hectic to leave the office. Not this time. Today, I left my office right before all the lunch commotion began. There was already a small line, but nothing I couldn’t handle. The staff at Alidoro can only be compared the Soup Nazi. Plan ahead if you want to walk out of there alive…or with a sandwich. Know which sandwich you want and what type of bread you’d like it on. No substitutions. Don’t speak out of turn. And don’t even think about asking “what there favorite sandwich is.”

Don’t worry – it’s worth it. This is without a doubt one of the best deli sandwiches New York City has to offer. The Romeo is served on a long a wedge of crispy Italian bread. It’s piled high with moist chicken breast, roasted hot peppers, fresh arugula and creamy Bel Pasese cheese with a spicy, hot pepper dressing. It’s a monster of a sandwich and one that will make you wish all deli sandwiches tasted like this.

The Romeo will suck you in, and their wide variety of sandwiches will keep you coming back for more.

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