#81: Crispy Pork Sandwich, Bark

3 down. 98 to go.

I live right around the corner from Bark so I remember when it was first being built in July, 2009. I had heard rumors of it’s opening and was anxiously awaiting the day when I could pop in on my way home from work for a beer and hot dog. That day has come and gone and life has been better since then. Bark has become my second home. It’s a great place to meet some friends for dinner, a beer after work, and even a late night snack and one last beer before heading home. Let’s put it this way: I had my 29th birthday party there. I celebrated with over 50 of my friends, drinking beer, eating hot dogs, a dream come true. I remember at the end of the night, I turned to my fiance, Jamie, laughed and said “I did it. I threw a hot dog party for my birthday.”

It took me awhile before I could deviate from ordering a hot dog, and to this day I still have trouble. After all, that’s their specialty. Yet, once I did I will never look back at Bark in the same way. “Bark Hot Dogs” is a misleading name, because their menu encompasses a whole lot more. When I took my first bite of the Crispy Pork Sandwich my senses weren’t quite sure what to do. It can only be described as a party in your mouth, one bigger than my 29th birthday.

This sandwich is the best thing a hamburger bun has ever seen. The thick pork patty is deep fried to the point where it’s crunchier than a potato chip. Yet, with each bite you can see that pink, juicy center and taste that flavorful pork (I know this sounds sexual, and it might be on that level). It’s topped with a perfectly spicy cole slaw and pickles. The coolness of the slaw contrasts the hot pork and each bite is a burst of flavor.

What was once an easy decision is now more complicated. I used walk into a hot dog joint and order a hot dog. It was that simple. Now, every time walk into Bark, I’m faced with the ultimate decision of what to order. And generally do end up ordering a hot dog, but every time I think to myself, what if? What if I had ordered the Crispy Pork Sandwich? And I sigh.

Bark Hot Dogs | 474 Bergen Street and Flatbush Avenue

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