#3: Cubano Sandwich, The Spotted Pig

6 down. 95 to go.

I don’t remember much about the sandwich. In fact, I remember few details about the actual day. Though I do remember it was strange circumstances that brought me to The Spotted Pig and only years later would I recall the significance of the day.

I know I was wearing a suit. I never wear suits aside from weddings and funerals. I was interviewing for jobs at the time and had two appointments that day at what couldn’t be more inconvenient times. One was in the morning and the other in the afternoon, forcing me to spend hours in the city…wearing a suit. I don’t remember the morning interview but it couldn’t have gone that well because I’m not currently working there, nor was ever employed there. I was, however, able to arrange lunch plans with my friend, John — just nothing expensive. Clearly my communication skills failed me because The Spotted Pig is a quite a step up from my usual $6.50 sandwich.

And John invited two other people, which is fine. I like people, generally and not strangers as much, but mostly because I’m not a good conversationalist. I also don’t like meeting people when I’m wearing a suit. But I’m sure everything was fine, and that I didn’t talk too much. I also remember after killing time and roaming the city for hours, my second interview canceled on me.

The good news is that two years later, the sandwich I ordered that very day for lunch ended up being the #3 sandwich in New York Magazine’s top 101 best sandwiches in NYC. I won’t pretend that I was paying close attention to each bite as if I knew that one day I would be on this Quest. I do remember it being a ridiculously good sandwich though. And that we also got deviled eggs to start which was my first encounter with those guys and they were also fantastic. I have been back to The Spotted Pig since and everything that place puts out tastes amazing.

In the end though, this is why I encourage people to be “doers.” Go to museums and for walks in the park. See movies, music and theater. Try new restaurants and eat as many sandwiches as you can. You never know when it will come full circle to benefit you in the end.

The Spotted Pig | 314 W. 11th Street and Greenwich Street

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