#11: Smoked Meat, Mile End

5 down. 96 to go.

Two summers ago, I traveled to Montreal for my buddy, Joshey’s, bachelor party. While there, in addition to copious amounts of drinking, I got to experience first hand what people meant when they refer to Montreal’s brisket. We ordered pounds of brisket from Schwartz’s deli and slowly, yet as quickly as we could, devoured it.

A year later, Mile End opens up in my backyard. I had flashbacks to that afternoon which didn’t cease until I visited Mile End. It exceeded my expectations in every way. I felt like Anton Ego when he tastes the Ratatouille and has memories of his childhood. Well, tasting the juicy brisket at Mile End brought me back to that weekend in Montreal. It has also brought me back to Mile End on numerous occasions.

The Smoked Meat sandwich is pretty self explanatory. It’s a stack of delicious, peppery smoked beef brisked packed and stacked between two pieces of rye bread with a side of spicy mustard. Some find the meat to be too peppery, but personally I thought it was delectable.

If you’re feeling particularly gluttonous, I highly recommend the Poutine with smoked meat. Not only do you get your meat fix, but its piled on a stack of gravy smoked french fries and cheese curds. Put that in a bottle and you got something sweeter than Yoohoo!

Mile End | 97A Hoyt Street, Brooklyn

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